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Luxury Wedding Photographers who are as passionate about your wedding day as you are. When you book The Kubicinas, you're not just hiring wedding photographers or wedding videographers, but welcoming a pair of friends who will ensure that your special day is not only captured beautifully, but is stress-free and enjoyable. Our ultimate goal is to make the occasion relaxing and fun for both the happy couple and their friends and family. Katrina excels at working with the couples, directing them with ease and poise, while Mark captures those candid, spontaneous moments in between. With our team, you'll get the best of both worlds! Furthermore, with our exceptional videographers, your wedding day will be documented creatively and beautifully from every angle, every moment, so that you can relive it over and over again.

By joining The Kubicina family, you'll have an experienced, creative, friendly, and fun team that will make every aspect of your wedding day an unforgettable experience. We make sure from the very first phone call or meeting, to your engagement session, to your big day, we'll be there to assist you in any way we can, celebrate your love, and ensure that your memories are captured stunningly. As Destination Wedding Photographers you can rest easy knowing we are travel savvy and always prepared for anything. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

Investing in your special day

Every time we chat with a couple we are blown away by the thoughtful ideas they have.  Every wedding is truly so special and unique to that couple, and it's so important to us to capture that authentically. 

The first step in The Kubicinas experience is setting up a phone call or in person meeting at our Bridal House. We want to get to know you as a couple and make sure we are the perfect photographers for the biggest day in your life! From there we will specially curate a custom tailored proposal to ensure you are getting everything you want for your wedding day.

We only take a select number of weddings each year so we can dedicate the time and attention to our couples. Every wedding is special and unique and we believe your photography & videography collections should be to. We want you to get everything you want for your big day and nothing you don't. For that reason we create custom tailored proposals for each wedding, taking into account location, wedding size, amount of coverage needed, and of course special memory heirloom add ons. Creative fees for destination weddings start at $8200. Contact today for Ohio & NC wedding investment.


The Kubicinas Experience

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